FAQS about A3OT Academy


Is this course valid?

Nowadays, teaching non-surgical beauty techniques is not limited to a specialty in medicine. Each doctor, nurse, dentist, paramedic, doctor assistant, or even a medical student may possibly tend to teach and learn these issues. The rules are different in various countries, therefore; we suggest before registration, make sure these trainings are according to the needs in your country.


Can I receive a certificate?

Yes. After completing online courses and participation in online classes, you will receive a certificate.


Is it possible to attend the courses without receivinga certificate?

Yes we provide this opportunity for the scholars to attend the course without receiving a certificate.


I cannot afford the fees for the courses but I would like to watch the trainings. Does A3OT academy have a particular plan for me?

Yes. You can have access to the free pictures and videos here. You can also ask your questions from the most expert professors of the A3OT academy who will answer you as soon as possible.


I want to know other colleagues. Would you please guide me?

You can join the forum form here. In addition to becoming familiar with other colleagues, you can expose yourself to the selection of patients.


What is the duration of each class?

On average, each class lasts 8 hours online.


How can I hire a translator for classes?

You can choose the language you want at the time of registration. We will provide you a free translator.


How are the practical courses?

 We have considered a live model for each class. After watching the training, you can work on other models as well and then you can solve your problems.


I registered and send my payment. What should I do now?

You should wait for our email containing the date and time of the classes.

After announcing the date and time of the classes, we will send you the username and password for entering the LMS system one week before the start of classes. After the theoretical and online classes, you will participate the online examinations and at last will receive your certificate.


How can I register?

Registration link


If your question is not included here, please send us email at: info[at]a3ot.com


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