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If you look at the non-surgical beauty acts you will see that Botox injection stands at the first rank. If you want to conduct Botox injection to your patients, you need a comprehensive training of how to do it and gain a certificate as well. Doctors should have an exclusive knowledge of Botox injection, complications, and all the related issues. So while assessing the classes for registration, make sure it is taught by expert professors.

A3OT academy is the place where you can train in the desired area under the supervision of most expert professors of the world, online and in your favored language.

What benefits do Doctors gain form dong activities in aesthetics field?

Time management:

In aesthetics field you can be your own boss and choose the work hours. This profession is very flexible to the lifestyle of the Doctors. Many Doctors in our courses spoke of the beauty courses as an important issue.
In our aesthetics actions, there is no emergency treatment and patients are actively accepted. Having passed the valid aesthetics courses, you can prevent the probable complications and do their work calmly.


Having the right time to give services to patients:

In aesthetics courses most of the Doctors and general practitioners have complained about the shortage of time they have to treat the patients. They cannot provide ideal services for them. But in aesthetics actions around 35 to 40 minutes will be given for the patients and there are a lot of care standards for each patient.


Financial benefits:

Wages for performing aesthetic acts like Botox injection, filler injection, fat injection, Mesotherapy, Prp, and microneedling are noticeably higher than other kinds of medical actions. Many Doctors are very successful in developing their businesses in their cognitive skills.Their increased earnings by using beauty treatments allow them to reduce their hours of work, and spend more time on social activities or business marketing.


Asia aesthetics academy online training (A3OT) academy is able to provide online training to a large community of Doctors, doctor assistants ,medical students, specialists in other medical fields. If you are in search of gaining some knowledge and expertise in the field of facial expertise, it is better to learn more about each of the expertise mentioned above:

online aesthetic training for doctors

If you are a doctor, doctor’s assistant, medical student, and other experts in the field of medicine, can attend the courses at A3OT academy in subjects such as Botox injection, Dermal Fillers, fat transfer, mesotherapy, PRP (plasma rich platelet), and microneedling in the form of online classes. This way, by participating the facial aesthetics courses you can improve your knowledge of the field and finally provide these services professionally.

The Botox courses at A3OT academy include complete training of facial aesthetics, understanding appropriate protocols, customer advice, muscles and facial expressions, manipulation techniques, and the risks and benefits. All doctors can boost their knowledge and expertise with the help of our training. After a short period, they can deliver these services to their own customers.

If as a physician you tend to participate in aesthetics courses like Botox injection, filler injection, fat injection, Mesotherapy, Prp, and microneedling, it is better to be trained online,in your desired place and language.

For the first time in the world, we conduct our classes with an interpreter in your desired language. Languages which can be provided with an interpreter include:English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese.

It is worth mentioning that all the translators at the A3OT academy are Doctors and are observant of all the medical and aesthetics terms. After receiving the certificate, A3OT academy gives you this free privilege to send photos or videos of your first aesthetics injections and ask questions or troubleshoot the problems. This can help you improve your skills of the fields.


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Our goal at A3OT academy is to provide the best educational aesthetic education, so that we can provide a happier life with higher incomes


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