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Online Microneedling training

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Introduction to the course:

  • What is Microneedling ?

    • Like every other science, medicine is subject to constant development. In 1990s, major, invasive plastic surgery procedures topped the list of most asked-for treatments. The trend in the 21st century is heading away from long down-times and “mask-like” faces towards prevention and natural change. The key goals nowadays are to achieve harmony and youthfulness while preserving a natural appearance; wherever possible, these goals need to be achieved without major surgery, scars, high risk or time-intensive procedures. Percutaneous Collagen Induction (Medical Needling) is a new and very simple regenerative technique. The method improves and rejuvenates the skin and has produced unique successes in the treatment of severe, widespread burn scar, in particular. It requires no expensive apparatus or operation of complex instruments. A simple pen combined with the appropriate skincare creams provides enough equipment for a successful treatment.

    • The special feature of needling is that- unlike other skin regeneration approaches- the treatment leaves the skin surface intact. Therefore, it is not only associated with a particularly short healing phase, but also totally rules out well-known risk such as hyper pigmentation or scarring. Of course, this simple and uncomplicated means of achieving a healthier and younger skin is used not only for scar treatment, but also for cosmetic indications. Because of the option of using different needle lengths, percutaneous collagen induction is just as suitable for surgical for the surgical treatment of scars as for simple and quick wrinkle correction, for skin firming and for improving the complexion and general appearance of the skin.”

      I would like to recommend the needling method to you in the warmest and the most scientific terms. It`s simplicity and lack of risk carries special advantages not only for the doctor performing the treatment, but also for our patients. To reach this aim, we designed online training course, with the most efficient and accessible way share the up-to-date knowledge in this field. This course is designed for doctors and all related colleague who are interested in the field of aesthetic interventions.

  • Who can inject Microneedling by attending the online Microneedling courses?

    Doctors, doctor assistants, medical students, dentists, nurses, and midwives

  • Course level:primary and Advanced

    primary Course syllabus:

    We prepared the training course with coverage of whole basic to advanced problem based matters which is divided to subtitles below:

    1) Definition of percutaneous collagen induction (PCI)

    2) Fundamentals of micro-needling

    3) Collagen synthesis Induction Phases

    4) Advantages of Micro-needling for doctors

    5) Advantages of micro-needling for the Client

    6) Comparison of different micro-needling devices

    7) Indications

    8) Contraindications

    9) Possible side effects

    10) Interventions period of micro-needling with other interventions

    11) Instruction of micro-needling for the Client

    12) Difference of micro-needling with meso-therapy

    13) Client Evaluation

    14) Client preparation

    15) Before and after cares


    Advanced Course syllabus:

    advanced–1: Rejuvenation

    a.Skin rejuvenation

    b.wrinkle reduction

    c.Periorbital and Perioral Wrinkles

    d.Lax skin

    e.Hand rejuvenation


    advanced–2: Approach to hair and skin problems

    a.Acne reduction

    b.Hair regrowth and alopecia

    c.Hyperpigmentation and melasma

    d.Telangiectasia & Spider Angioma


    advanced–3: Scar reduction

    a.Acne scar

    b.Hypertrophic scars and Keloids

    c.Burn scar

    d.Normotrophic scars


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  • How to get Microneedling certificate?

    the user should answer 30 questions written and online.

    Microneedling certificate

  • Which language trainer does it teach?

    For the first time in the world, we conduct our classes with an interpreter in your desired language. Languages which can be provided with an interpreter include: English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept PayPal payments. You may also pay through bank transfer. Please, contact us for further details regarding the payment methods.info[at]a3ot.com

  • Read these three very significant points before booking:

    First point: all the primary and advanced Microneedling courses are held in two day and online.

    second point: You will get a 5% discount and can improve your skills with buying the complete package of Microneedling training courses. The whole package costs 1300 dollars which will be decreased to 1235 dollars only.

    Third point:before to advanced courses, you should pass primary course.


primary level

  • online classes-24*7
  • best trainers
  • valid certificate
  • your desired language
  • OFF=NO


  • online classes-24*7
  • best trainers
  • valid certificate
  • your desired language
  • OFF=NO


  • online classes-24*7
  • best trainers
  • valid certificate
  • your desired language
  • OFF=NO


  • online classes-24*7
  • best trainers
  • valid certificate
  • your desired language
  • OFF=NO

primary+3 Advanced level

  • online classes-24*7
  • best trainers
  • valid certificate
  • your desired language
  • 5% OFF(pay $1235 instead of $1300)


  • private class(primary+3 Advanced levels)
  • private trainer
  • private Translator
  • valid certificate
  • $420 OFF(pay $3087 instead of $3507)

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