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Online aesthetic training classes


Why online classes are better than participating in classical classes?

Some believe that the classroom is much better than virtual classrooms because you have more chances of learning there. But this is not true. In the following section we will discuss this issue and why virtual classes are not only better but also have more features.



You will not have time limits in the virtual classroom. If you miss one online class, you can receive the recorded file after the class. You can also see the class content beforehand. In some cases, you can’t ask questions but you can review the course. In this type of classes, you can deal with a topic whenever you are ready.



Train in your desired place
In the virtual classroom, it doesn’t matter where you are. But in a classical classroom you should physically participate in the classes which mage bring about some problems like traffic, catching cold, and some kinds of diseases. The spatial distance should also be taken into consideration. But in case of virtual classes, no matter in which city, country, or even continent you are, you will be trained. With no transportation expenses, preparation for classic classes and the disorders that make your mind unable to prepare for the class. In fact the nearest place for participating in these classes are your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.



In classical classes more than you class fees, you should pay extra fees like those relating to transportation, and if you own a car, the gasoline expenses, traffic, nutrition and classroom pamphlets. Because in your virtual classroom, you have a lot of less costly Internet and power consumption. And as you can see, it will be up to 90% in your favor.

 Online classes

Communication activities:

In the virtual classroom you can ask questions from your classmates and professors in the relevant forums or chat online, and send and send email and troubleshoot them. These questions and answers in classrooms make it possible for other users and graduates to see common questions and get answers to their questions and queries.



In the classroom, there may not be many possibilities to learn.But in the virtual classroom, it is possible to use more facilities. You can use the right and up-to-date content in the online virtual classroom (like video, showing pictures, showing content, and showing sound). In some cases it is possible to use the webcam and showing the desktop of the professor.And there is also the use of the recorded classroom.


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Some of the aesthetics classes are held in English but the A3OT academy is the first one in the world which provides an interpreter for the scholars in their desired language this is because we believe the quality of training equals to the decreased complications in the patients.

And most of the people working the medical field, have got few spare time, and even if they have some time, they prefer to spend it with their families. So this issues is of significance to them to be trained with a distance. So the A3OT academy benefited from this issue and started online aesthetic trainings so that everyone could take advantage.

  Online classes

Asia aesthetics academy online training (A3OT) provides you the privilege of online learning through which you can train on the most recent techniques in this field about Botox injection, Dermal Fillers, fat transfer, mesotherapy, PRP (plasma rich platelet), and microneedling
The A3OT academy are holding its classes in your desired language for the first time. You can choose your language at the registration time and a translator will be available at the day of the (theoretical and practical) classes.


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Facial aesthetics educations will be available for you with a 24- hour support 7 days a week. The online classes are a good opportunity for learning the facial aesthetics courses. This way, you can take advantage of the adept professors at the A3OT academy spending a small amount of money.
Participating in these online classes you can improve your knowledge and expertise of the field and become successful in your professional and educational life. Online classes of the A3OT academy are very flexible and you can have access to them 24 hours every day in the week.
These classes brings about the worldwide accessibility to these courses. The interactive online programs and the exclusive learning environment are some of the attributes of these online classes. Therefore, participating in these classes, you can gain the knowledge and expertise required.

Webinars (online classes), are appreciated chances available at the A3OT academy which help you experience success and advancement.

Some of the benefits of classes at Asia aesthetics academy online training (A3OT) include:

1. Holding classes through internet and in your desired place

2.Holding classes in your desired language(English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian,

German, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese).

3. Accessibility to contents 24 hour a day and every day in a week

4. Reduced cost of training in comparison to in-person classes

5. Increased productivity

6. Immediate accessibility 


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