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Online aesthetics training

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Why the world statistics show a rise in non-surgical aesthetics actions?

A tendency to aesthetics is one of the characteristics of human beings. Nowadays, thanks to improvements in the medical science, people can be satisfied of their appearance without going under various surgeries. Millions of people throughout the world are doing non- surgical aesthetics actions like Botox injection, filler, fat injection, PRP, Mesotherapy, and microneedling, to change their appearance into better ones. America has got the first rank in non-surgical aesthetics actions globally. In America, the aesthetics actions have raised 132 percent compared to the year 2000. America accompanying Brazil, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Russia, India, turkey, Germany, and France, are among the countries in which the most non-surgical aesthetics actions are conducted in 2018.According to American Society of Plastic Aesthetic Surgery, in the year 2016 Americans spend more than 15 billion dollars on non-surgical aesthetics actions. The demand for non-surgical aesthetics actions is growing in order to have a younger appearance.


Online aesthetics training

Why online aesthetics courses?

The statistics mentioned above about the Botox injection, filler, fat injection, PRP, Mesotherapy, and microneedling, as well as the high turnover of this field have caused many physicians, dentists, and nurses want to learn the aesthetics courses so that they could improve their income.Because those in medicine field have always have a shortage of time and place, and due to their unexpected work situation as well as high job pressure, tend to spend some quality time with their families. This issue makes the online courses an important issue for them. Having known the challenges, the A3OT academy with less price compared to physical classes, aimed to hold online aesthetics courses.
You can ask your questions in online classes from your tutor or other classmates, chat online, leave a message, etc. so that your problem be solved. These question and answers in the educationalforums help other participants to see the frequently asked questions with answers and overcome their own problems too.
You will attend the theoretical and then practical courses, ask your questions from the professors, and at the end of the course, you will have an examination. Having passed the online examination, you will receive your aesthetics certificate.


I am not proficient in English in order to attend the aesthetics courses.

For the first time in the world, we conduct our classes with an interpreter in your desired language. Languages which can be provided with an interpreter include:English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese.


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