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principles aesthetics for face

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The most important principles for the aesthetics of the face

Many of the world's cinema stars are faces that are well known throughout the world and the lines of their faces depict the beauty of the eyes that look at the screen of the silver cinema. But have you ever thought why these faces are so beautiful and nice? Perhaps, if you look at specific features of these actors’ faces, you will not find any special beauty, but the point is about the proportions of the different components of their faces with each other and this is the main secret to their beauty.
If you like to know how fit your face is, and whether your face has got this privilege, just go to the mirror and make an abacus about the proportion of various components of your face.

Proper chin

First let’s investigate your chins.Ideally, the vertical line drawn along your bottom lip should reach your chin.If the tip of the chin is behind this line, then your chin is behind the ideal.
In this situation, it may be necessary to reinforce the chin, or to bring it forward, to coordinate your facial features. But on the contrary, if the tip of the chin is ahead of this vertical line, then you will have a chin out so you can use a plastic surgeon to help minimize your chin.

 principles aesthetics for face

Golden ratio between facial components

It is interesting to know that in beautiful faces, there is a golden proportion between various components which many scientists discovered the same pattern in beautiful nature features such as flower petals, birds’ body, insect body components and even fingernail skeletal. Accordingly, in ideally beautiful faces, this is a golden ratio between the lines of the longitudinal, transverse, and vertical faces.
In vertical ratios, the distance between the hair extension line and the nose to the nasal base is below the chinas well as the line spacing that connects the two pupils to the line between the two lips is to the line between the two lips below the chin.This ratio is also reflected in the horizontal components of the proportional faces.For example, if you have an ideal face, the ratio of the width of your lips is to the width of your nose.You can take a photo of yourself to check these ratios then draw these lines on it and measure them with a ruler and compare their ratios.


Does this mask sit on you?

Nephrite is one of the ancient Egyptians whose face was beautifully famous.He lived in Egypt between 1350 and 1370 BC.It's interesting to know that his face is still a beautiful figure after 3200 years.Plastic surgery specialists have designed a mask in which the proportions of the facial features are well designed.
The researchers say that if the mask is perfectly matched to someone's face, then it's a beautiful face.The researchers have adapted this mask to the person's face and observed that beauty does not know the time .In other studies, the researchers adapted the mask to the image of the famous model, and they have seen that the faces that we consider to be beautiful and memorable are perfectly matched to this mask of the facial features.


Protruding jaws

It's not bad to know that different people and nations have different standards for beauty.But a common point in all these peoples in the countries is the relevance of harmony.For example, in the African breed, both jaws have come out and protruding which is not beautiful in many other parts of the world but considered beautiful among Africans.Regarding the beauty of the face, we must take all the facial features together and vote on one face.It is wrong to consider one section of the face separately and think by manipulating it the face will become more beautiful.
To determine the proportions of the appearance, all the features like hair, forehead, and eyebrows should be taken into consideration. Sometimes, you may think if some changes made to your jaw will make your face look more beautiful while there is no specific problem with the jaw and the problem relates to other sections.

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