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everything about gel

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In which cases gels and filler are injected

Gels and fillers are applicable in these cases:

Thin lips embellishment
Angularizing the face
Removing the lines and wrinkles of the skin
Improve the appearance of scars
Improve the posture and facial expressions and fix the contouring problems
Increase or decrease darkness under the eyes
Injection of gel for people with premature skin aging and the effects of aging on their faces have been revealed, or it will be very effective as a boost in facial rejuvenation.


How will the consultation session for gel injection be?

Your physician will review your current health status and any risk and history of disease in the past.
Will bring you the right options for your circumstances.
Test your face and examine it.
Shots your face from different angles.
Offers a course of treatment for you.
The potential outcome of gel injection as well as possible side effects and potential risks will be shared with you.

The phycisian will also discuss the following:
• Period of treatment
• Suitable gel for injection in your face and the reason for using this type of gel
• The desired result
• Durability of the results

 everything about gel

What is the procedure for gel injection?

Disinfection and facial anesthesia
Injection points will be disinfected using an antibiotic solution.The pain of injections of the gel at the points where the injection will be done can be controlled using different methods. In this case, coolers can be used to keep skin cool, or anesthetized ointment or local anesthetic injection.Injection of the gel will not be painful, but it is usually easy to tolerate and will not be offensive to the person.


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Gel injection

The time needed to inject the gel into any of the points will not be over a few moments.Initially, the injection procedure is performed, and after injection and subsequent examination, if necessary, further injections will be made.Given the number of points that the gel will be injected, the gel injection procedure will take at least 15 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour.


Washing and recovery

After checking the injection and seeing the appropriate result, the facial marks will be washed and cleaned.You can put the ice on your face to reduce inflammation and inflammation.However, infusion points may be sensitive or red one to two days. But usually, in this condition, you will not need to use the drug to reduce redness and skin sensitivity.

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