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FAQ of aesthetic clients

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Those who are interested in using non-surgical cosmetic surgery usually ask questions from their therapists. We have found the most common questions in this article and we have also responded to them. By reading these questions, you can easily answer the vast majority of your patients.


I have dull eyelids so that the shape of my eyebrows is ugly and my physician advised Botox injection. I wanted to know which is the best method to get rid of this problem?

Answer: If the drooping eyelid is high, Botox will not solve the patient's problem. Surgery should be done to treat excess skin and fat under the eyelids, or Botox does not treat the eyelid dysfunction.


I'm 26 years old. There's a very deep line between the two eyebrows which makes me look older. What is your idea of the best method to remove this line and how often should I use it?

Answer: Botox is the treatment. Botox is a substance that makes the muscles anesthetized, and if the original line of the skin is too deep, the injection of gel will also be effective in this situation.


I am 26 years old. My skin is dry and vulnerable, so my subcutaneous lines are found to become more intense when I'm laughing. Do I get Botox injected? It needs several steps. After treatment, if no Botox is done, the lines will not increase, or should I do Botox until the end of my life?

Answer: For the treatment of under-eye lines, physicians often prescribe medication. Sometimes laser is used to resolve this problem. However, any treatment that is done is not permanent.


Hello, the palms of my hands are terribly sweating. I went to physician. The prescription was to inject Botox. Please guide me.

Answer: Botox ampoule is a good choice to reduce sweat gland activity, but it should be repeated again after 5 to 6 months.


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I used to wear glasses for a year, but the circles under my eyes weren’t removed. What should I do? Is Botox suitable?

Answer: The circles under the eyes are not removed by Botox. Laser should be used in this case.

Is Botox used to treat migraine? If the answer is yes, how many months should pass for it to be effective?

Answer: In some cases those who suffer from migraine can use Botox but it is not for certain and in all cases.


I tried Botox two months ago but unfortunately now my eyes are sensitive to sun. It means I should use my glasses most of the time. Does this mean my problem will be solved with the passage of time or I should visit a physician?

Answer: This phenomenon is natural for the individuals and will be resolved within 2 to 3 months, and will not create a problem.

 FAQ of aesthetic clients

Can Botox cause AIDS?

Answer: It has no relation to this disease and is related to the materials used by the physician.


Is it true that if you do not stop Botox then it's no longer useful when the line gets deeper?

Answer: Yes, if Botox is delayed, it's not profitable to improve deep lines, then people should use gel injection to fill these deep lines.


Please introduce me the best Botox materials. I want to buy them.
Answer: You should see your doctor for injection of gel and Botox, and these materials will not be delivered to drug stores.


Hello, I'm 32 years old. I have a deep furrow between the two eyebrows. I injected Botswana Canadian twice but it did not respond. The physician said that for the following time, since the skin of my face is oily and thick and has open pores, I must first microware, then Botox, is this method correct? Please provide the best method for fixing the fret line.

Answer: Gel injection can be used to treat deep wrinkles.


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Which areas can Botox be injected?

Answer: Botox can be injected to the forehead and around the eyes, and is not recommended for other areas of the skin as it causes drooping.


Please explain the difference between gel and Botox. Which one lasts longer? And is it a long lasting method for removing the frown line?

Answer: These two are basically different. Botox injection is used for frown line, forehead, and around the eyes. But gel injection is used for the lines at the side of the eyes. So the applications of these two are different and the have different effects.


Is Botox treats sinusitis too?

Answer: Botox does not relate to sinusitis.


I am 29 years old and under my eyes are brown because of genetic reasons. My skin is creamy, and I use wrinkle-removing drugs constantly and they were not effective to bruises around the eyes. But I want to do Botox but I'm afraid that it cannot solve the problem. Do you think I should take that risk?

Answer: Eye bruising with be decreased by using drugs, lasers, and microderm, but they never completely eliminates these bruises.


What is the best way to relieve your weakness and tenderness?

Answer: Laser should be injected to prevent sluggishness and depression. The laser is not suitable for this. The method of injection is that the fat is taken from the fatty parts of the body and injected into the place.


Hello, I'm 34 years old. Last week I used the gel for my cheek and the lines next to the lips. First it was nice and beautiful, but I feel the effect of the gel is low. It was better to be injected more. Is it possible to reintroduce it with a two-week interval?

Answer: Yes, there is a possibility of injection within two weeks, but we recommend that less injection be done. The low injection causes the gel to be easily discharged. But if the injection is too high, it makes it difficult to empty the gel.


How long does the gel last?

Answer: The durability of gel injection depends on the type of gel and filler used. Most temporary fillers, such as Restslyn or Juvederm, or Radiesse will last for more than 4 to 6 months. SILIKON® 1000 is apermanent filler which will not be decomposed into the body. The duration of gel injection depends on a number of factors. Some people prefer to extend the injection of gel over a very short period of time and after a small amount of fillers are lost, and others will have full satisfaction from the result of the injection until the fillers completely disappear.


What are the uses of Botox injections and why is it a good way to treat wrinkles?

Answer: Botox has been approved for the treatment of a variety of diseases, including chronic migraine, severe axillary palpitations (primary axillary hyperpidosis), blepharospasm, strabismus associated with dystrophy, and neck dystrophy with long-term results. Also, if you notice the early signs of aging such as the claw's crotch lines around the eyes or intense frown lines, you might wonder if it's time to start thinking about Botox. Botox, as one of the most popular non-surgical beauty techniques for helping younger men and women appear, can help you rejuvenate without surgery or disability.


What areas can be treated with Botox?

Answer: Many facial wrinkles are active lines created by muscle contraction that can be removed by Botox injections. Other Botox medications include hypothyroidism (excessive sweating) and even migraines.
Upper face: Friction lines (between eyebrows), forehead lines, upper nose (Bunny lines)
Eyes: Eyebrows, hooded eyes, lines around the eye (claw-like lines around the eyes), under the eyes (source of tears), the smile line (around the mouth), chin (to prevent choking), angle Species (toothbrush, toothbrush)


How is the Botox injection method?

Answer: First, the doctor asks you several questions to get an understanding of your expectations for Botox. Then, he asks you to do some facial movements so that he carefully examines how the muscles move on your face. This will help him determine where the exact injection site is to get the best results from which area. From start to finish, an appointment can often be your lunch time. Botox treatment is fast and at least invasive. Botox is injected precisely by a small needle into a specific muscle. The injected areas are cooled down the ice pack just before injection to significantly reduce the discomfort caused by needle penetration. When used as a cosmetic treatment, Botox is injected in very small amounts, and temporarily paralyzes the muscles in the target area. The effect of neurotoxin allows the muscles to relax and smooth the skin, eliminating the fine lines and dynamic wrinkles caused by frequent movements of the muscle. The whole treatment takes only one to three minutes (depending on the number of treated areas) and does not require local anesthetics. Any discomfort in the injection process is minimal and minimal; most people compare this feeling with the bite of an insect.


How painful it is in a scale of 1 to 10?

Answer: The good news for those who are afraid of Botox is that the needle is really incredibly small.Most patients have no discomfort. Of course, everyone has a different pain tolerance, but in general, you should feel little pain or have no pain at all.


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