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about dermal fillers

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Filler injection is one of the therapeutic and beauty methods which is used for removing the wrinkles, face lines, and skin scars. This kind of injection is mainly used for removing the wrinkles of the face and prevent aging. More than that, filler injection is used for making the lips or chicks bigger. Though, this should be taken into consideration that the effects of filler injection will be faded away after some time, and re-injection is needed.

What is filler and gel?

Using filler to compensate the lost mass of face fat, can be the best way for making the skin seem younger. Filler can directly injected under the skin and because it has the same appearance as gel, can be used to make it fresh and healthy. There are other ways to do so as well.


Applications of filler injection:

1) Making lips bigger

2) Removing wrinkles and sagging skin

3) Improving and emendation of the appearance of wounds and scars

4) Reduce or eliminate darkness under the eyes

5) Making the size of cheeks bigger


Types of filler:

One of the most common fillers is Hyaluronic Acid, a substance that exists in the body naturally and mostly seen in connective tissues or fluid around the eye. Injection of this substance, causes restoration, removing of the wrinkles, and filling the laughter lines as well as the tightness of the skin.

Calcium apatite hydroxide is another kind of filler which is similar to the natural composition in the bones and is used for filling the deep lines or furrows.
Poly-lactic acid is another type of filler which stimulates collagenization. But these materials don’t have fast results and during some months they leads to collagenization and after that the results will be tangible.

Worth mentioning about the fillers is that softer fillers are used for areas like lips, and harder ones are used for areas like chin. This is the physician who decides which kind of filler is suitable for you.

There is a possibility of inflammation or redness in some cases, but after some time and in a short period they will be faded away. The time the injection lasts is different in various people.But some researches show that repetition and continuity can result in natural stimulation and production of collagenization of the body.

 about dermal fillers


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People who are:

1)In perfect health physically,

2)Don’t smoke,

3)Have realistic expectations of their appearance,

4)Have good skin,

5)Are the best choices for filler injection.

6)In some patients, first the target area becomes numb topically and then the filler will be injected in the skin. Each filler has a different duration of lasting. After the passage of time and gradually, filler will be absorbed and the skin will be returned to its natural and normal position. The more high quality material used for filler, the better and long lasting results will be revealed. The results of filler injection are visible just after the injection and the changes are tangiblede pending to the type of filler and the patient.


Filler injection process:

1) Skin evaluation

2) First the appearance and the condition of the skin are checked. This will show which areas need filler injection.

3)Topical numbness

First the target area is cleaned with antibacterial detergents. The use of anesthetics reduces the amount of pain in the injection area.



Each time the filler goes into the skin and injection is done, lasts a few seconds. After the injection, the area will be slightly massaged and if more filler is needed, it will be injected.Depending on the extent of injection area, the whole process will last about 15 to 30 minutes.


Final clearing and recovery:

The marked areas for injection are cleared.The ice pack is placed on the desired area to reduce inflammation and swelling.The amount of pain after injection is not such that the use of analgesics is required.


Prohibition of the use of the filler:

1) Pregnancy and lactation

2)Infection and inflammation in the injection area

3)Blood and coagulation disorders

4)Some skin atrophy caused by the use of steroid drugs


6)Vitiligo and skin eczema

7)History of allergy or anaphylaxis reactions

Filler injection under the eyes:

Filler injection under the eyes is beneficial to young and elderly people. Many people are even at an early age, are unhappy with darkness or lines under their eyes.
Sometimes, a thin area below the eyes can be seen on the inner side and corner of the eye exactly where the tears flow from the eyes.When this area extends, eyes will have a darker appearance which are visible in the shape of small dark circles under the lower eyelid.
With the passage of time and aging, the loosening of the muscles and lower eyelids, this condition seem to be more tangible and the so-called puffy lower eyelid happens. Although the eyelid surgery will remove this condition, but filler injection is more popular. This injection has positive and desirable results, will last about one year, and during this time the patient doesn’t need to re-inject. In addition, the complications of this type of injection are much less than surgery.


Filler injection to lips:

Making lips bigger is one of the beauty acts which are popular nowadays. Filler injection especially Hyaluronic Acid fillers are used for this situation. Previously, collagen filler were used.

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