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Fat transfer injection

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The term fat transfer or fat craft (lipo transfer injection, lipo lifting)is one of the methods to make the skin younger. Because of the secretions of the area, factors existing in the fat cells plays the role of the stem cells. It means in the fat implant surgery, the fat from some part of the body will be injected to the other part. As a result, in addition to filling, it leads to improving the quality of the skin. It is possible to inject the fat in areas which have lower amount of fat like face, hip, breast, or hands.

Reasons of fat transfer:

1) If part of the hands are wrinkled and drooped.

2) When the applicant needs to modify the body's contour.

3) If the applicant needs a filler to be temporary and not permanent.

4) Injection of fat to fill and shape the breast and remove the breast implant will be very effective.


Benefits of fat transfer:

Because the fat used is from the body (the amount needed), and will be injected to other parts, so no allergic reactions will be seen. To remove the wrinkles, fat transfer is the best method.fat transfer lasts for a short period of time so if a person tries to preserve it, it can last longer and safer. Fat transfer is a non- invasive and safe method which is used for skin and face rejuvenation.
It is believed that preparing the fat tissue before the transfer is a time consuming and to facilitate the process, they will pack it before they are consumed. One of the main differences between fat transfer and other fillers is that fat transfer lasts longer while other skin fillers are temporary and costly.
It is said that the advantages of this method over other fillers like gels are many. The durability of this method is high and fats will be taken from tougher parts which are more resistant to diet and exercise like hip, flanks, abdomen, etc. this process is very sensitive and depends on how to take and inject.The possibility of inflection in the gels and prostheses are more than fats.

 Fat transfer injection

fat transfer to face:

People who has laughter or frown lines on their face, can benefit from fat transfer from abdomen or thigh. With fat transfer, scars, acne, and problems concerning face, lips, and cheeks can be removed. With this process, transplanted fat can also be used to lessen the lines between nose and mouth. It can also be used to remove wrinkles in the forehead and other facial problems.


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Benefits of fat transfer include:

1) Treat wrinkles under the eyes.

2) Rejuvenation and beautify the face skin.

3) A safe and non-invasive process that has no adverse effects for the applicant.

4) It does not require anesthesia, and the physician injects fat by numbing the position in an effective way.

5) If it is well maintained, it will have a high shelf life and longevity.

6) A method which is done outpatient in the office, and the patient can then deal with his or her daily routine.

7) Injection of fat into deep areas of the face so that no bruises occur afterwards.

8) Injection of fat into the injured areas of the face also helps.

It is worth mentioning that the result of fat transfer is different from one person to other and depends on the attention and care the person given. It is better to use ice compress after the injection to remove the bruise and redness.

If someone has a sensitive skin, the physician can use anesthetics and analgesics to diminish the pain. It is possible to use a high dose of injection which results in slight pain and itching. It is not something to be worried about and will fade away after some time.

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