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Mesotherapy injection

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Mesotherapy is one of the most common ways for skin rejuvenation which can cure aging signs and other major problems which can decrease the quality of skin. The best thing about mesotherapy is that in addition to skin problems it makes the skin shine and have a younger appearance. Mesotherapy aims to correct the skin andmakes it tighter. The experts and physiciansdesign the best treatment methods according to the type of skin a person may have.

The benefits of mesotherapy:

1)Reducing the aging symptoms

2)Removing lines, and slight skin wrinkles

3)Making the skin look younger and shinier

4)Beautify and rejuvenate the face skin

5)Safe and non-invasiveness of this method

6)Small time needed

7)Treatment of the darkness around the eyes

8)Correction of puffs under the eyes and chin

9)Cellulite reduction

10)Fading wrinkles and lines

11)Stiffening loose skin

12)Brightening the red skin

13)Alopecia treatment

14)Hair loss treatment


Mesotherapy injection

Mesotherapy technique:

This process lasts about 60 to 70 minutes. Before the process, the physician test on the skin of the patient to detect the sensitive areas and probable allergies. During the process, with a combination of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids,and natural herbal extracts which increases the production of collagen and elastinin the skin under treatment. Collagen and elastin are natural proteins exiting in the skin which increases the elasticity of skin. As a result, the skin will look younger and more juvenile. The treatment is completely safe and without pain. The only probable complication felt is the slight pain at the time of injection which is not significant. The physician will make the skin numb by using some creams and ointments. If the treatment lasts longer, the skin mayremain red for some hours. After 24 hours, it will be faded away.
The injections can be done at various depths (1 to 4 mm) of kin, depending on the conditions. The physician may insert the needle in one direction and turn it fast at the time of injection. Each injection can transfer a small drop into the skin.


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The results of Mesotherapy:

It is said that each session of Mesotherapy brings about better and more advanced results which last up to 6 months. While various treatments are advised for different skin conditions, for reaching a proper result it is usually advised to have it for 3 to 5 sessions. After the prescribed sessions, it is advised to do it twice a year for maintain better results.This method is for very fine needles to provide a series on injections to the middle layer of the skin which is mesoderm. The idea underlying Mesotherapy is to eradicate some crucial issues like weak blood circulation, and inflammation which damage the skin.


Some points before Mesotherapy:

Avoid taking aspirin (bofrin) and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID)one week before the injection is necessary because they may cause bleeding and bruising during Mesotherapy.

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