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Microneedling training

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Microneedling is one the effective methods for correcting the existing cystitis and lesions on the skin.
Microneedling is helpful for collagen making and lifting the skin. This treatment is associated with a small amount of bleeding and the reason is using the “derma pen” device. But no worries. In a short time, you will not see any bleeding. The tiny wounds which are caused due to using “derma pen device” are actually effective for collagen making of the skin. It is worth mentioning that microneedling is done with various devices. But “derma pen” device is one of the most common ones.

Suitable candidates for microneedling:

Fortunately microneedling has no serious limitations and people of all ages can use it to make their skin look younger. But it is necessary for candidates to be assessed for their history of illness and drug use. Some people can’t use this method. For example if a person who is selected, has got some active pimples, is not a suitable candidate for microneedling.This method is appropriate for those who do not have active pimples and desire to makes their skin brighter, lift their face, and skin rejuvenation.

Duration of treatment using microneedling:

Duration of treatment using microneedling is different in various people because the skin types are different. In fact the skin type determines the length of the treatment period. However, it can be said that the length of the treatment is approximately between 6 to 8 sessions and depending on the physicians’ diagnose can be shorter or longer.


The effect of microneedling on the skin:

Microneedling can help to remove the following issues:

1) Removing superficial wrinkles on the skin

2) Removing the open pores of the skin

3) Removing the scars (Even scars that are due to surgery and ulcers)

4) Removing Steria (Cracks from pregnancy and obesity that appear on the skin).

5) Microneedling can be used in all of these cases.

Microneedling training 

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The manner of work during microneedling:

1) The embedded needles in “derma pen” device should be of high quality and quite penetrating so that it won’t cause additional scars on the skin.

2) On the first stage, the patient’s skin should be cleaned. Then topical anesthetics are used so that the applicant does not feel any pain during the process. In this stage, the patient is ready for the microneedling. Sometimes it is necessary to use specific solutions every other moment. These solutions are helpful for removing the wrinkles of the skin and making it younger.

3) These are made up of salts, vitamins needed for skin, ketones, anti-wrinkle drugs and many nutrients. In fact, according to the skin type, one of these will be chosen.

4) It is worth mentioning that during microneedling, it is necessary to control the pressure of the hand and the rate of needle penetration into the patient’s skin. Depending on the type of lesion that exists, the needle entry rate and repeat job vary.

5) If microneedling is solely used for the skin, needless to say, the pressure and penetration rate of the needle should be less. If the purpose of using micronizing is to eliminate scars and skin lesions, naturally, the penetration depth of the needle increases proportionally.

Repetitive work in this way should be such that a bleeding state develops deeply on the skin.


For the first time in the world, we conduct our classes with an interpreter in your desired language. Languages which can be provided with an interpreter include:
English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese.

It is worth mentioning that all the translators at the A3OT academy are physicians and are observant of all the medical and aesthetics terms. After receiving the certificate, A3OT academy gives you this free privilege to send photos or videos of your first aesthetics injections and ask questions or troubleshoot the problems. This can help you improve your skills of the fields.

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