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PRP injection

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PRP represents PLASMA RICH PLATELET which means plasma enriched platelets. It is a method in which a person's blood is used.Some of the person's blood is taken and placed in a centrifuge machine.A portion of the isolated plasma is injected through specific kits of a high standard in the desired locations. This plasma contains a large amount of condensed platelets, which contain platelets containing growth hormones.Platelets are one of the blood elements like white and red blood cells which are in our bloodstream and are constantly on the move.

How Platelets Work in PRP?

By creating a clot, they prevent bleeding.Parts of the body which are damaged,will be repaired and perform cell reconstruction.

The suitable gauge for blood sampling before PRP

It is very important to choose the right needle and duct that the physician uses to get the blood sampling from the patient.The needle gauge is usually 14 in the blood transfusion organization, but in this method a large needle gauge is used to perform rapid blood sampling.Blood sampling time is very important because if it not done at a certain time, the platelet is not prepared from the blood.
In PRP the minimum gauge used for blood sampling is gauge 19. The more this gauge becomes tinier, the cell death occurs due to the disappearance of the granular platelet state. Another important issue in the blood sampling is the form of the blood sampling. So to get the blood, first you can find the right vein and enter the blood bag without pressure.
All blood products are particularly isolated at a temperature and speed.It is essential to get the plate at 22 ° C.In the first step, centrifuge speed separation should be low.And in the long run, and in the second stage, the speed of the centrifuge should be increased and the time will be low.

PRP injection

How many sessions are needed for PRP?

PRP will be done 3 to 6 sessions monthly and after that if needed, it can be repeated every 6 month.


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Uses of PRP

Increased diameter and growth of planted or normal hair (To strengthen hair follicles and create rejuvenation)

Skin rejuvenation:

1. Injectable stem cells become final cells which causes collagen, elastin, perspiration and skin rejuvenation, and prevents skin aging.
2. After aggressive lasers
3. Removing darkness around the eyes
4. Healing of wounds
5. In orthopedic issues, platelets are injected into the knee joint to stimulate chest tissue.The stem cells become cartilage cells and reduce pain.
6. Effective factors in PRP quality
7. The number of blood platelets per person
8. Types of kit and how to perform techniques


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