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 Everything about A3OT academy

About us


Asia aesthetics academy online training (A3OT) as the first and the largest academy throughout Asia offers advanced education to those who are interested to facial aesthetics, subjects such as Botox injection, Dermal Fillers, fat transfer, mesotherapy, PRP (plasma rich platelet), and microneedling. Having possessed the most valuable professors of the Asia, this academy enjoys the highest standard level in the field of aesthetics training.

The amount of demand and public acceptance for the facial aesthetics services, confirms the importance and necessity of standardization of the facial aesthetics training. Asia aesthetics academy online training (A3OT) is committed to professional medical training in the field of facial aesthetics.
Users can benefit from the online A3OT academy to gain knowledge and skills in the domain of facial aesthetics and achieve the expertise necessary to help make global progress and provide quality services in the field of facial aesthetics.

Asia aesthetics academy online training (A3OT) delivers the most comprehensive aesthetics courses which enjoys the knowledge and expertise of the adept professors.


How was the A3OT academy created?

The core of the A3OT academy was formed when the physicians in the team have resolved their problems in the field of non-surgical beauty actions. The primary idea was to serve a lot of people working in the domain of medicine. To meet this aim, the A3OT academy started its mission in the realm of non-surgical beauty actions such as Botox injection, filler, fat injection, Mesotherapy, Prp, and microneedling.


Why we should choose the A3OT academy?

The A3OT academy not only teach you, but aims to provide the most comprehensive and exclusive services to its scholars. We wish to improve you in this prosperous market of non-surgical beauty actions. In our point of view, providing services to the scholars is a long lasting, proper, and profitable process for both sides. That’s why we always try to provide the best services possible to the scholars.


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Which services do the A3OT academy provide?

In the A3OT academy we try to do whatever helps scholars gain the required skills. The services available at A3OT academy are:

1) Holding online aesthetics training

2) Holding aesthetics training

3) Holding online Botox injection training

4) Holding online dermal fillers injection training

5) Holding online fat transfer injection training

6) Holding online Mesotherapy injection training

7) Holding online PRP injection training

8) Holding online microneedling training


Why A3OT academy?

1) Having best aesthetics professors from all around the world

2) Holding classes via webinar and in your desired place

3) Holding classes with an interpreter for the first time in the world

4) Accessibility to content 24 hours 7 days a week

5) Having a strong support system and experts working 24 hours a day

6) Free troubleshooting

7) Certification inquiry in less than 24 hours




Features of the A3OT academy:

Some of the main features of the A3OT academy are:

Leading in quality: The A3OT academy is developed and supported with the premier standards of higher education which guarantee the success of its users.

Responsibility: We are responsible for helping to improve quality and care in the domain of facial aesthetics in which we focus on professional training of users.As the first and largest academy of online training about aesthetics services all the way through Asia, we are with you till the moment we assure you gain all the knowledge required.

Group thinking: Group work, partnership, cooperation, interaction, and networks are some of the other benefits of participating in online education of the A3OT academy which bring about the success of the users at international level.


We don’t train you only in cyberspace, but we consider you as our consultant and one of our team members. 


How we train?

Kim biz tren?


Sizi yeni başlayanlardan bir mesleğe yönlendireceğiz

İş kariyerinizi hemen bugün değiştirin

Az maliyet ile yüz estetik becerilerinizi tercih ettiğiniz coğrafyad ve tercih ettiğiniz dilde dönüştürün.

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adres simgesi  227-229 Earls Court Road, Londra SW5 8AD, İngiltere

  telefon simgesi +44 20 8089 1489

 e-posta simgesi  Info[at]a3ot.com

ofis saatleri simgesi 9 AM-21 PM(UTC), Pazartesi-Pazar



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