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How to get A3OT certificate?

A3OT certificate

By participating in the online facial aesthetics classes you can earn skills and expertise in this field and take advantage of the experienced professors of the A3OT academy. At the end of the courses, you will be given a valid certificate.


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Holding online aesthetics classes with subjects such as Botox injection, Dermal Fillers, fat transfer, mesotherapy, PRP (plasma rich platelet), and microneedling and the possibility of constructive interactions between the scholars and professors is one of the outstanding features of online facial aesthetics classes at the A3OT academy. This way you can gain all the skills required in this field by online classes and at the end of the courses, after taking part in the online examination, receive your certificate and enter the thriving market of facial aesthetics.

 certificate following the subsequent 8 steps

Registration and entrance in the online facial aesthetics classes is in fact an important step toward the success and progress of your profession. At the end of the courses, your skills and talents will be evaluated. Thus, if you pass the online theoretical as well as practical examinations successfully, the certificate will be given to you by the A3OT academy. This certificate shows your success in passing the aesthetics courses.

With participating in the Asia aesthetics academy online training (A3OT) classes, besides boosting your expertise and knowledge in this field, you can receive a valid certificate which will brings you better job opportunities. This way, you will improve your knowledge of the field, use the most recent technologies throughout the world, and gain a better financial future.

To put it in a nutshell, you will receive the A3OT academy certificate following the subsequent 8 steps:

1) Registration and membership in the website

2) Payment for the desired class

3) Receiving a username and password for the LMS system

4) Studying the theoretical courses

5) Participating in the online theoretical courses

6) Participating in the online practical course

7) Participating in the online examination

8) Receiving the certificate




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