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A3OT Terms of use and service

How to use A3OT Services And online Class Training?

  • This site and its services are designed for people aging 18 or older. Users under 18 years of age, are not allowed to use the site. By using the site or its services, you confirm that you are at the legal age and under these terms and conditions.


  • Your registration will be completed by paying all the required fees which is irretrievable.


  • The registration fees of the courses, is only acceptably by credit card or PayPal and other ways of payment is not acknowledged.


  • Your registration is valid only when you have paid all the fees of the course and received a username and password to enter the LMS system through the email send to scholars.


  • From the time you receive your username and password of LMS system, you have one week to prepare the theoretical courses and become ready for online classes.


  • If group classes don’t reach the required number of students, the fees will be returned to them. It is clear that, if desired, they can automatically register their name in the next courses and transfer fees to the next round of courses.


  • In case of cancelation, scholars can substitute another person 48 hours before the classes.


  • Scholars can transfer to another educational course up to 48 hours before the classes. It is obvious that if a new course is more expensive than the current one, the scholar should pay the difference, and if the new course is cheaper, the A3OT academy will pay the remainder.


  • The date and time of online classes will be announcedvia email. Andaslo 3 email reminders will be sent to them 5 days before the classes. The scholars must enter a valid email address in the registration form. It is obvious that if they do not check their email or their email address is not valid, responsibility for all the subsequent consequences lies with the scholar.


  • The date and time of online classes are according to the universal time (UTC), and the link will be sent to them 24 hours before the classes via email. They must join the class on time.


  • If a scholar does not participate classes for any reason, no fee will be returned to him/ her.


  • The scholar must participate the examination, 48 hours after the end of practical courses and the examination link will be closed after that time.


  • Receiving the certificate requires participating the online and written examinations.


  • The certification only confirms that the scholar has participated a specific course and passed the examination successfully. The A3OT academy is not liable for the consequences of the student's misuse of the certificate.


  • If a scholar passes the examination successfully, the certificate will be sent to him via email after 48 hours.


  • You acknowledge and agree that not only you but the A3OT academy is not responsible for receiving and maintaining all telecommunications, bandwidth and computer hardware, equipment, and the required services for accessibility and use of the site or services and payment of all related costs.


  • The quality (for example resolution), stream content, as well as download speed of the downloaded content, may depend on various factors like your location, broadcast or downloaded content, and your internet connection speed. A3OT academy does not warrant in the case of access to content of the site or the service, including the quality of the streaming content and the download speed of the downloaded content.


  • The scholar confirms that the title used in the registration form like doctor, nurse, etc. is stated frankly. All the responsibility is on the scholar.


  • The A3OT academy is not responsible for the fake introduction of scholars about his/ her case such as a doctor, nurse, etc.


  • The users are not allowed to use the site or services to advertise or offer, or even sell or purchase any goods or services without the written agreement of the A3OT academy.


  • No scholar can transfer, assign, broadcast, duplicate, copy, sell, distribute or operate for any commercial goals from the A3OT academy.


  • Any copyright, trademark or other legal information from the site or servicesor any items on the site or services are prohibited and if done, will be followed by the legal team of the A3OT academy.


  • Using any kinds of robot, spider, site search / retrieval software or other manual or automatic devices for retrieval, indexing, "ruining", "data mining" or any kind of data gathering form the site or in connection with the service, or even playing or bypassing the navigation or presentation structure of the site or services is forbidden without a written agreement of the A3OT academy and if done, will be followed by the legal team at the A3OT academy.


  • Despite the above mentioned points, the A3OT academy allow public search engines to use spider for copying the required amount of the site content for the public accessibility.


  • If you have any questions about the meaning or use of this contract, please send your questions to info[at]a3ot.com

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