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Botox is a drug which causes muscle paralysis. With this method, facial wrinkles that are caused by high and abnormal muscle functions are eliminated, and in fact the amount and depth of wrinkles will be reduced.

In some areas, due to lack of muscle, or persistence of wrinkles, it cannot be used. Here, an infusion of a type of gel called hyaluronic acid is used as an alternative. One of its advantages is that because it is part of the natural ingredients that make up the skin and other tissues, the risk of hypersensitivity is very low and it is not necessary to carry out the test before injection of such gels.

The injected gel is absorbed by the body after a while, and the effect is not permanent. If these methods are carried out by non-specialists in this field, there will be a lot of complications.


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Several patients report that they have been taking injections from unskilled individuals and, unfortunately, have encountered many problems. For example, Botox injections, especially when done outside of the eye, can spread to the eye, causing paralysis of the muscles and double vision of the patient which is very annoying. Also, if the gel is injected unevenly, it may enter the vessel and in many cases it will result in loss of vision.

Post-Botox complications are commonly caused by injecting errors. For example, if Botox is not injected at the correct points or the dose is not appropriate, and too much is injected, the drug is very dilute and spread, the injected areas are massaged or pressed, or if you use counterfeit and non-standard drugs, or if the injection is conducted by non-specialists, the likelihood of a complication increases.

Therefore, the person who is supposed to perform these acts must be trained to attend specialist courses. A3OT academy has provided the s with the help of the best professors throughout the world so that all medical practitioners learn about the best and most up to date trainings under the supervision of the best specialists in the field of aesthetics.

 The Best Trainers

We believe that the higher the quality of education, the lower the number of complications for customers.


The quality of education, in addition to the experience and skills of the teaching staff, has a direct relationship with less complication for the clients.


The A3OT academy has provided the facility for easy and quick access to the best aesthetic professors, it has been a major step towards improving the quality of aesthetic training and increasing patient satisfaction and the relaxation of physicians, dentists and nurses.


The online Asia aesthetics training academy (A3OT) Trainers the users with the help of the knowledge of prominent and experienced Trainers. In fact, these trainers play a significant role because:


1) If possible, the experienced Training use the innovative facilities and procedures in the A3OT academy.


2) Scholars benefit from new methods of education and can easily apply their knowledge.


3) The qualified Trainers at the Asia aesthetics academy online training (A3OT) academy, give you the most updated knowledge.


4) Increasing the motivation of scholars is another characteristics of the Training in this academy which grows up yourself-confidence and motivation to participate in the online facial aesthetics classes.


5) You can solve any problems by benefiting from the experience of the proficient Trainers.


The Asia aesthetics academy online training (A3OT) academy with the help of the most adept Trainers of the Asia, held online aesthetics classes with subjects such as Botox injection, Dermal Fillers, fat transfer, mesotherapy, PRP (plasma rich platelet), and microneedling. You can participate in these classes and obtain the latest knowledge of the field. As a result you can earn the required skills and expertise.

The professor’s expertise and mastery in the field is one the most essential features which is used to compare and rank them and is a warranty to the quality of their online classes in A3OT academy.

The outstanding performance of the Trainers in the A3OT academy leads to the best quality in education. Academic ability and expertise of the Trainers in the A3OT academy is one of the exclusive features of the academy which cause an increased turnover and improved performance of the scholars.


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